Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RIP Marilyn Chambers

In the fight for liberty there are pioneers that must be remembered for their efforts. Their are people who, intentionally or not, further the cause of freedom. This week we have lost one such hero. Pioneering adult film actress Marilyn Chambers brought us the first mainstream adult feature film. Classics like "Behind the Green Door" and "Deep Throat" paved the way for the sweet story of prosperity and innovation that is the porn industry, both here and abroad. People often overlook the important role that smut plays in society and the economy. The porn industry accounts for between two and twelve billion dollars of income annually, depending on who you ask (and how honestly they answer the question). Porn is routinely on the cutting edge of technological development in many areas of media, from the proliferation of targeted magazines promoted by Playboy and Hustler, to the development of VHS, to the rise of the internet itself. We must remember that the basest of human desires are often the strongest influences on development and entrepreneurship. Encroachment on the liberty to pursue ones base desires (so long as they cause no direct harm) is encroachment on the kind of development and business spirit we need throughout the economy. Bravo to Marilyn Chambers for her innovative work in the industry and her contributions to freedom in America and around the world. RIP Ms. Chambers you will be missed.

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