Monday, September 27, 2004

Crazy Dreams

I had a dream last night. It’s kind of disturbing so put the kids in the other room if you plan to read this aloud. I was on the campaign trail, walking through a hotel, somewhere in Ohio or Pennsylvania (a battleground state), looking for a coke machine. I turned a corner and walked past an open hotel room door. Inside I saw something that I may never clear from my mind. I saw naked and on all fours John Kerry giving Karl Marx a knobby while Pol Pot (dressed only in a silly little sailor’s hat) was giving him the reach around. Sensing that there was another person present JfK lifted his head and asked “have I ever told you about the environmental benefits of government subsidized drip irrigation programs?” then he went back to what he was doing. I turned away and continued looking for a coke machine.

It was, to say the least a disturbing dream. But it got me thinking, what is it about John Kerry that I don’t like? Hmmm. He seems like a friendly guy. He seems to care a great deal about something. What could it possibly be? Oh right, he’s a bleeding heart pinko communist. I forgot. Some would argue with me about him being a commie or just a “socialist” which is what communists in the states became when communism was associated with all those millions of murders in Russia, China and Cambodia to name a few. Nobody wants to be called a murderer just for his beliefs; even if his beliefs did take him on a plane to a foreign land to have secret meetings with the communist leadership of an enemy state with whom the United States was, at the time, engaged in combat. But then that’s just the North Vietnamese. We like them right? After all they were only killing their own people… and ours.

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