Friday, June 22, 2007

When are people going to learn

Prosecutorial misconduct is NOT for rich white people... If people like this prick Nifong don't learn this simple fact it's going to ruin the fine art of withholding evidence to achieve and unjust conviction for everyone. I mean what's next? Fair trials for people regardless of race color or creed... Can we afford to let that happen? If prosecutors getting bent over and rogered for their scandalously criminal behavior goes on too long then they might stop doing those things. Think of how many innocent law abiding Black people will stay on the streets then... So this is an open warning to American Jurists, if you don't stop screwing innocent rich white kids, you are going to have to stop screwing all innocent people.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Restoring my faith in Humanity

Every once in a while I see something that reminds me of the good in the world. Something comes along that reminds me that maybe, just maybe not everyone should be killed. Today is one of those days.

Since 1973 the American public have never given the Unites States Congress an approval rating lower than 18%, until today. Today the question do you have a "great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress" was met with a yes by only 14% if those questioned.


Just to put that into perspective for you... Americans hate congress now more than the Demoncrats hated congress when the Repugnacans were in charge... I'll repeat that for those of you that have trouble reading. Americans, all of us, you, me, all of us, have less confidence in the US Congress than the D's did when the R's were running the show. That means that you'll find more people right now at McDonald's that don't trust the House of Representatives than you would have three years ago at a N.O.W. rally hosted by Gloria Steinem.

Ok so maybe I'm comparing two sets of unrelated data and manipulating them for my own purposes. Perhaps my analysis is less "true" than it is pleasing... But, I will say this, the approval ratings across the board have gone down since the mighty D's came in to save the day. Also people really really hate Congress. I mean more than they hate all kinds of other things... I would venture a guess that 'Congressman' is the most hated minority in America. Take that Blacks, Jews and Mexicans... Ha. Perhaps we should have an immigration policy that keeps members of our own government out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June Gloom

I'm not one for making predictions (that's not true), but from where I stand the field looks bleak. My estimate at this point is that if the primaries were held today we would be looking at a Hillary Vs. Fred Thompson race. Rasmussen Reports has Thompson taking the lead in the republican race this week even though he has yet to actually enter the race or spend any real money. This may be symptomatic of a failing idea to extend the election season by moving up the primaries. It appears like it was initially a Demoncrat strategy to seize momentum coming out of the midterms. Alas for the D's that theory is short lived. They have faltered out of the gates and now congress is the only group of people in the country less popular than President Bush. With no momentous coat tails to ride on it will be a hard race for the D's. Things are no better for the R's however, with a very unpopular presidency to work past and what looks like a conflict that will outlive the current administration. What's more is that the longer election season doesn't seem to offer any assistance to the R's cause. More time means more money spent by each of the many many candidates and that whittles down the war chests of both parties. The emergence of an outsider, or at least a late entrant in the fray seems the only possible way for a candidate to hit the ground with any kind of real money.

The winners it would seem in this long term arrangement are the media companies that get to sell ad time in all kinds of markets that are usually not in huge demand.

The losers, of course are all of us. We get less real governing for our money and way more campaigning to tie up two major branches of government. I guess I should be pleased as I agree with Thomas Paine that a government is best that governs least. What I'm not pleased about is how much of my money they are pissing away on what amounts to a petty turf war between parties with very little hope of any achievement.

The Loser of the week however is Hillary Clinton... An ad campaign this week on her campaign web site features a video of her and her husband Bill talking about selections on a juke box at a greasy spoon diner. They get dirty looks from the diner attendee's (as well they should). Then Hillary who barely manages to mask her contempt for being in such a common establishment, hints at a selection she has made... Her campaign song. The sketch as I'm told is a spoof on the Soprano's finale' (haven't seen it as I'm working my way through on DVD). Which for a seasoned criminal such as Hillary is appropriate enough, but the real fun is when you find out what the song is.

"You and I" by Canadian Celine Dion.

That's right. Hillary like many D's thinks that the answers for our country's questions lie... In CANADA....

Hill. thinks there are no Americans who can encompass her goals in a race to be the next AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

Just like the queen of the D's to assume that we here in the US are to dumb to understand the direction our country should go.

Seriously... What a cunt.

Besides if you are going to pick a Canadian... Hello... Shatner. Duh