Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And here it is

The ultimate strategy comes to fruition.

step one: Create or Locate a potentially scary thing.

Step two: Market the idea, manipulate it to make it the scariest thing possible

Step three: let the fund raising begin.

Global warming is a bake sale. Figure out who really gets the money and you'll see what's really going on.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hillarity and Gayness

Wow, how quick is the Gay Community to disavow her? 'See See she's not one of us...'

LOL Even if its in secret everybody hates her. Even her supporters feel dirty on the inside.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Liberty for all?

Can anyone answer this one question for me? Is it illegal to resist and illegal arrest?

How about this one: Is assault not assault if the person committing the act has a badge?

Or this question: When does another person have the right to put their hands on your body?

What about this: Under what circumstances specifically is it not your individual right to defend yourself from a violent attacker?

Or this: If two ordinary citizens are having a heated conversation and one of them elevates it to a physical dispute, isn't that person committing an illegal act?

Is it legal if under the exact same circumstances the physical aggressor is an agent of the government?

Is it legal if the person who is assaulted is asking hard questions?

What if it's just because they don't shut up when the government agent tells them to shut up?

I feel like there may be some sort of fundamental document that covers this sort of thing. Maybe a bill of some sort, with like enumerated rights on it. I don't know. The legal system is so complicated and the 40 lawyers I carry with me at all times won't explain the ins and the outs and the what have yous. If only there was some sort of guideline by which we could all derive some sort legal knowledge. If only there was one document that ensured that we all knew when an agent of a tyrannical government was violating our fundamental freedoms, so we would know without legal consultation if it was alright to defend ourselves or if we, in fact, deserved to be silenced.

If Only

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 80/20 Gambit

A few weeks ago the headlines in the presidential election process were dominated by outgoing white house aid Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove stating that Hillarity Clinton would never be able to win the general election with the 46 percent negative rating that she carries like a great big monkey on her back. It was all the rage. Then without any real significant reason talk of her negatives seemed to wane, and talk of her primary opponents strengths began to take center stage.

Cut To:

Newt Gingrich announces this week that Hillarity has an 80 percent chance of making it through the primary and winning the general election. 80 percent... How in the back-rooms of Repugnant heavy hitters has she gone from no chance to 80 percent... Hmmm, one cannot help but wonder who shouldn't be taken at face value... Ok, one doesn't have to wonder long. I don't know if Newt is planning a run for the white house, I'd wager 70/30 against it, but you never know, this season will likely be filled with unusual and unexpected events. What I do know is that above wanting to look right, Newt is an R team player and he wants to win. What better way to secure a victory than to play the expectations game in your opponent's primary. Raise expectations and excitement among H supporters while downplaying her opponents and you stand a much greater chance of getting the opponent you really want in the general election. Plus there's the bonus of setting up impossible standards for her steps to victory. If she falls short of landslide anywhere along the way even a victory looks like a loss, and a 'wise' opponent (read: Gingrich or one of his ilk)looks like a superstar. Play the right cards early like this and the R's may avoid hard target positive campaigners like Obama-lama-ding-dong and in stead get to go head to head with Hillarity... And her monkey.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Universal Health Care

As it stands right now if you buy your own health insurance you can get treatment even if you choose to live your life by your terms. If you support a more socialist health care system this is what you have to look forward to. Also you look forward to imposing this system on everyone else.

Hope you like being forced to live one state approved lifestyle.

The UK.

John Health Nazi