Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eco-Fiction-Alarmist-Perverts Targeting Children

"Wise men argue causes, and fools decide them." Frank Tyger

Here it is. Proof positive that the Eco-Alarmist political action groups are intentionally targeting underage children with their propagandist tree-hugger pornography. Worst of all, innocent young Canadians, who of course stand no chance of ever possessing the political clout to affect change.

Canadian Children

"Yes students should look at both sides on an issue and learn to judge for themselves. But there are times to do this and times to stop." --an unnamed Canadian school teacher

I'll bet the government run schools aren't presenting arguments from
This Guy

This Guy

Or even
These Guys

Aware: (according to Merriam-Webster)
Main Entry: aware
Pronunciation: &-'wer
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English iwar, from Old English gewær, from ge- (associative prefix) + wær wary -- more at CO-, WARY
1 archaic : WATCHFUL, WARY
2 : having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge
- aware·ness noun

Aware: (according to Global Warming Alarmists)
Compulsory and unquestioning agreement with a certain dictated set of ideas without the presentation of any dissenting or even differing systems of data.

When a political group claims to 'raise awareness' what they are saying is that no person who examines the same set of data, or any other available data (about which said political group is either unaware or uninterested), could possibly reach a different conclusion, and thusly should not be bothered with an exercise of open discourse, and free thought. Simply accept the opinion of said political group because as you all know they are smarter and much more well read than you could ever hope to be. 'Raising awareness' is an old trick in the realm of public debate in which you 'prove' your point by presupposing it in the basis of the argument. This is a trick well practiced by grifters and con-men in such scams as the paranoia scam, the snake oil scam, and many forms of long and short investment cons, and of course one of the greatest cons of all time The United States Congress.

Make no mistake about it, no matter the true nature of the scientific facts involved, those that seek to close this debate with a cry for action and action alone, those that seek to stifle free and open discourse are no more than sycophantic perverts.

To put it another way Dale Carnegie once said

"Fear not those who argue, but those who dodge."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chris Mathews

"People who live on the east coast or live in California or in Oregon
really don't know that America which is the main part of the country
the Red-State America which is so evangelical, where people really do vote their religion
who really don't like a lot of modernity, they really don't like the way everything has gotten so
secular." Chris Mathews on Jerry Falwell's death (MSNBC)

See I was almost caught by this statement. I almost took offense at the idea that because I'm from Oregon, a coastal state, I couldn't possibly understand middle America. But Ahhh no, I'm not fooled by you Chris Mathews. I know what what you are really doing is mocking the flyover states and their cute little religion. Mocking the way they shy away from the modernity and cling to the fraying edges of an old way, in the face of the overpowering and unbeatable winds of change. As if Iowa was fighting to keep the internet away.

America Loses an Opponent to....

Whores, Queers, Sodomites, Baby killers, Feminists, Jews, Liberals, Humanists, Pornographers, Larry Flynt, Porno fans, Adulterers, Rag-Heads, Drunks, Smokers, Scientologists, Billy Graham (of all people), All of Hollywood, Blacks, Desmond Tutu, The Pagans, and ANYONE ANYWHERE WHO'S EVER HAD ANY FUN AT ALL.

I will remind you friends, not to celebrate the death of any man. The loss of Jerry Falwell will mark a significant drop in direct mail fund-raising activities for a good many organizations of varying ranges. The vast majority of organizations opposed by the Dr. Falwell have suffered only success as a result. Just ask black South Africans, or Larry Flynt how they're doing and how they like freedom.

Perhaps Dr. Falwell's greatest achievement in life was to create and rally the largest opposition to Christianity in this country's recent history. He sought out any person that he could possibly make an enemy of the church. He made opponents of so many that previously didn't care about Christianity. Way to go Jerry.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Al Sharpton... Nobody believes your bullshit. You waited less than three weeks after getting a man fired for what you called "racist" comments before you then state that Mormons are not people who "really believe in god". You fucking bigot. It amazes me that nobody has bothered to shoot you, you worthless piece of shit. I'm astonished at how many homicides are take place in America that don't involve Al Sharpton as a victim. I mean seriously I'm not voting for Romney either but to question a mans faith while standing on the high ground from which you destroyed another man's career; I mean I haven't seen this kind of bullshit since your buddy the Honorable Reverend Jesse Jackson knocked up that poor girl while he was consulting Bill Clinton on the Lewinski scandal. Seriously the Black Community is so much better and so much more honorable than you people. You represent nobody.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yeah... I was right this is a VP debate. Running to the party invoking the great Reagan. If the republicans have any sense whatsoever they will let these guys fight over their own mediocrity until all but one of them falls down dead, and whoever is left gets to run as the party whore VP that follows the winning candidate that steps in to clean up the mess.

Standouts from the party boringness include Ron Paul who appeals highly to pre-Reagan conservatives and libertarians and he wants to repeal all kinds of ugly taxes and move us to a sound monetary policy. Oh and who doesn't stand a chance in the primary. Gov. Tommy Thompson who is both well informed and well spoken but will never be presidential. Thompson's the kind of man that would have been great as a candidate 60 years ago. Now he's a VP candidate.

None of these guys is going to be a heavy hitter in a general election. And I'll tell you another thing, Newt Gingrich is not a contender either, whether you like him or not he's not the answer to the R's woes.

Post script:
Nancy and the Governator seen with Mitt at the end... Hmmmm


Warming up to the first Repugnantcan primary debate, a mere 550 days till Election Day I can hardly contain myself with all this time pressure. This debate follows on the heals of a Demoncrat debate watched by... well I'm sure someone watched it. With the D's there's always a chance that one or more will suddenly burst free and devour their own baby. The R's I'm afraid seem unlikely to be even that interesting. I can't seem to shake the feeling that all ten of these contenders are vying for the VP slot that will open up behind whichever real candidate enters the race when this monkey mess gets out of hand.

It's almost like a group audition in front of Nancy. I hope she has better taste than these guys.

We'll see.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

French Presidential Debate

Two candidates for the presidency of France debated each other Wednesday. Though I can't go into the specifics it is believed that they spent the better part of an hour arguing over who hated the Jews more and which one was willing to pay a foreign government a larger amount of money to bomb Israel.

Sources say the debate ended in a draw when both candidates surrendered to each other and then asked the U.S. for help.