Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yeah... I was right this is a VP debate. Running to the party invoking the great Reagan. If the republicans have any sense whatsoever they will let these guys fight over their own mediocrity until all but one of them falls down dead, and whoever is left gets to run as the party whore VP that follows the winning candidate that steps in to clean up the mess.

Standouts from the party boringness include Ron Paul who appeals highly to pre-Reagan conservatives and libertarians and he wants to repeal all kinds of ugly taxes and move us to a sound monetary policy. Oh and who doesn't stand a chance in the primary. Gov. Tommy Thompson who is both well informed and well spoken but will never be presidential. Thompson's the kind of man that would have been great as a candidate 60 years ago. Now he's a VP candidate.

None of these guys is going to be a heavy hitter in a general election. And I'll tell you another thing, Newt Gingrich is not a contender either, whether you like him or not he's not the answer to the R's woes.

Post script:
Nancy and the Governator seen with Mitt at the end... Hmmmm

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