Friday, May 11, 2007


Al Sharpton... Nobody believes your bullshit. You waited less than three weeks after getting a man fired for what you called "racist" comments before you then state that Mormons are not people who "really believe in god". You fucking bigot. It amazes me that nobody has bothered to shoot you, you worthless piece of shit. I'm astonished at how many homicides are take place in America that don't involve Al Sharpton as a victim. I mean seriously I'm not voting for Romney either but to question a mans faith while standing on the high ground from which you destroyed another man's career; I mean I haven't seen this kind of bullshit since your buddy the Honorable Reverend Jesse Jackson knocked up that poor girl while he was consulting Bill Clinton on the Lewinski scandal. Seriously the Black Community is so much better and so much more honorable than you people. You represent nobody.

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