Tuesday, May 15, 2007

America Loses an Opponent to....

Whores, Queers, Sodomites, Baby killers, Feminists, Jews, Liberals, Humanists, Pornographers, Larry Flynt, Porno fans, Adulterers, Rag-Heads, Drunks, Smokers, Scientologists, Billy Graham (of all people), All of Hollywood, Blacks, Desmond Tutu, The Pagans, and ANYONE ANYWHERE WHO'S EVER HAD ANY FUN AT ALL.

I will remind you friends, not to celebrate the death of any man. The loss of Jerry Falwell will mark a significant drop in direct mail fund-raising activities for a good many organizations of varying ranges. The vast majority of organizations opposed by the Dr. Falwell have suffered only success as a result. Just ask black South Africans, or Larry Flynt how they're doing and how they like freedom.

Perhaps Dr. Falwell's greatest achievement in life was to create and rally the largest opposition to Christianity in this country's recent history. He sought out any person that he could possibly make an enemy of the church. He made opponents of so many that previously didn't care about Christianity. Way to go Jerry.

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