Friday, July 27, 2007

More on the Cops

You have to ask yourself what a police officer is. A person with no legal obligation to assist citizens in the face of violent force, who is charged with increasing state revenue by means of subjective enforcement of regulations, in my opinion, is no friend of mine. Certainly no friend of Liberty. I'm torn because I know and like many police officers, but as the the role of the police shifts away from protection and towards fund raising and social engineering I can't help but pine for a resistance movement. Where are the checks and balances that protect us from a police force run by the same government that makes the laws?


Monday, July 23, 2007

Ok I give up

I tried and tried to care about the new Harry Potter... Or any Harry Potter for that matter, but I just can't. I can't even care enough to continue a fake set of spoilers.

I just can't manage to care...

I'm sorry.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Spoiler P.2

Things are not as cut and dry as previously believed in the sudden and tragic death of a young Harry Potter. While first reports left Harry alone in the hotel hung from his own belt, officials will now not confirm that. Also new rumors are flying about what appears to be the body of a young woman removed from the hotel room in the early hours of the morning. Unnamed sources close to the families report that it may indeed be the body of one Hermione Granger and that some large degree of violence may be evident at the scene. Again we are reporting only on rumors and unconfirmed sources so all of this may change when official reports surface. We will remain vigilant and bring you details of what must be the final chapter in the life of a talented young magician.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Spoiler

I have come into some very interesting information and will be sharing it with you all in the weeks to come. I have inside information into the events of the newest Harry Potter book. While I am not a Harry Potter reader I feel it is my duty to share with the world what I know. So here it is, the first installment in my series of Harry Potter Spoilers.

Harry Potter Dies. Details are limited but it does appear to be drug related. Potter was found in his hotel room hanging from a towel rod by his own belt, in what appears to be a tragic instance of auto-erotic-asphyxiation. Potter had allegedly been up late the night before doing speed balls ( a mixture of cocaine and heroin) with several prostitutes; all of whom appear to have left well before the presumed time of death.

More to come

Obama wants sex ed in Kindergarten

Here's a theory and I'll admit it's a little hard to take at first. But open your mind and your hear to it and you might be surprised.

Obama suggested this week that he supports a graduated sex ed program that starts in kindergarten. He and a great many other people (most of whom are members of his party,to be fair) say that earlier exposure will make children safer. I have another idea what it's about.

Sex ed is often linked to increased levels of sexual activity among young people. We can easily justify this with teenager as it also lowers the rates of disease and pregnancy among teens who are in all likelihood starting to engage in sexual behavior with or without the classes. While I don't think it's the job of the government to spend my tax dollars teaching teenagers how to give good hand jobs, I'll concede the ground for the purpose of this theory.

If younger and younger kids get sex ed, then it stands to reason that it's possible that at the younger end of the fertility spectrum some children will engage in sex earlier than when they would have naturally since they learned about it between the alphabet and naptime. If that's the case, and since occurances of sexual activity in those younger groups has historically been very minimal then it stands to reason that some of them will do it wrong. As it is difficult to get, lets say 13 year olds, to follow any directions. If some of them are doing it wrong, then likely some of them will get pregnant. And if they do it seems likely that some of them will not have the ability to finish school and go on to lucrative careers.

And what happens to teen parents with little education and no strong ability to pay for food and clothing for what will soon be teen children? Of course... They become Democrat voters.

It's just a theory of course. I don't have the money for a study.

For all those that believe Advertising forces people to do things

The government has forced Tobacco companies for years to implement ad campaigns aimed at discouraging the use of their product. Which could be the dumbest idea I've ever fucking heard. I was in DARE as a child, for number of years police officers would come to my classes and offer a frank and comprehensive lesson on acquisition and use of illegal narcotics. It's not surprising (at least not to me) that my high school became a veritable marketplace for any and all substances people wanted to try. I often observed drug transactions in the classroom and people under the influence of carious drugs in the classroom. Why, you may as, didn't I say anything. Well of course the answer is that we spent year in similar classrooms being taught that drugs were everywhere and that they were almost impossible to avoid. Also we were taught how they were usually distributed and how they were used.

People may be shocked to learn that teenagers don't always glean the same message that adults think they are spreading. The war on drugs, like the war on tobacco has had the strange effect of moving those substances into the common experience of children. The use of alarmist advertising and scare tactics tends to attract more young people than it discourages.

Ads Gone Wrong

Asshole, takes charge as other asshole has camera in his asshole.

So if we start dropping bombs on Saturday, you know why.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ron Paul on This Week

Global Warming Blamed for Lack of Concern over Global Warming

Officials in Johannesburg are blaming the effects of climate change for the unexpectedly low turnout at their leg of the Live Earth concert series over the weekend. It seems that while global warming is supposed to be a really serious issue it's not serious enough to get the issue's activists out on a... wait for it... unusually COLD evening. That's right we wanted to go to the big global warming party but it wasn't warm enough out.

Global warming seems to be just the most recent in a string of causes aimed at keeping lazy hippies from having to get real jobs.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Think you live in a free country?

Think again...


The KGB didn't have this kind of record.

I took this from Reason Magazine, testimony before the House Subcommittee on Crime by Radly Balco. You should take a look at it.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jefferson Lives

On this day in 1826, two men passed each other on a road in Virginia. Both men carried dire news; the passing of a former president and founding father. One man on his way to the house of Thomas Jefferson to announce the passing of John Adams. One man on his way to the house of John Adams to announce the passing of Thomas Jefferson. 50 years to the day after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, two men instrumental in the founding of our nation passed away within hours of each other.

Adams on his deathbed was comforted about the future of the union by the fact that his friend and rival Thomas Jefferson remained to carry the torch. Little did he know that he had outlived Jefferson by mere hours. Years earlier he had predicted that he would outlive Jefferson and now he believed that to be false. In his last words we can see the hope and the fear for the future of our nation.

"Thomas Jefferson still survives."

Enjoy your 4th of July folks and take a minute to read a little bit of what the revolutionary's wrote. A document that they believed to be their death warrant.

Rough Draft

Final Draft

Al Gore's Kid

So Albert Gore III has been arrested again. He was allegedly traveling down a Los Angeles freeway at speeds up to a hundred miles an hour high out of his goddamn mind and probably drunk. He was found to be in possession of Marijuana, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall.

And guess what the little heir to the eco-terrorist tree hugger pervert throne was driving... Go on guess...

It was a Prius.

I giggled like a little girl. You will too.

This seems to be the Gore message I think. Save the environment but fuck the people. I wonder is it illegal in California to be driving under the influence and in possession of countless illegal drugs if you are, at the time, driving an environmentally friendly hybrid car. I mean cause that's what matters in the world right now, isn't it?


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Well it's a holiday weekend so you can expect more ridiculous scamming from these assholes.


I have a sense of Deja Vu