Friday, July 20, 2007

Obama wants sex ed in Kindergarten

Here's a theory and I'll admit it's a little hard to take at first. But open your mind and your hear to it and you might be surprised.

Obama suggested this week that he supports a graduated sex ed program that starts in kindergarten. He and a great many other people (most of whom are members of his party,to be fair) say that earlier exposure will make children safer. I have another idea what it's about.

Sex ed is often linked to increased levels of sexual activity among young people. We can easily justify this with teenager as it also lowers the rates of disease and pregnancy among teens who are in all likelihood starting to engage in sexual behavior with or without the classes. While I don't think it's the job of the government to spend my tax dollars teaching teenagers how to give good hand jobs, I'll concede the ground for the purpose of this theory.

If younger and younger kids get sex ed, then it stands to reason that it's possible that at the younger end of the fertility spectrum some children will engage in sex earlier than when they would have naturally since they learned about it between the alphabet and naptime. If that's the case, and since occurances of sexual activity in those younger groups has historically been very minimal then it stands to reason that some of them will do it wrong. As it is difficult to get, lets say 13 year olds, to follow any directions. If some of them are doing it wrong, then likely some of them will get pregnant. And if they do it seems likely that some of them will not have the ability to finish school and go on to lucrative careers.

And what happens to teen parents with little education and no strong ability to pay for food and clothing for what will soon be teen children? Of course... They become Democrat voters.

It's just a theory of course. I don't have the money for a study.

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