Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chris Mathews

"People who live on the east coast or live in California or in Oregon
really don't know that America which is the main part of the country
the Red-State America which is so evangelical, where people really do vote their religion
who really don't like a lot of modernity, they really don't like the way everything has gotten so
secular." Chris Mathews on Jerry Falwell's death (MSNBC)

See I was almost caught by this statement. I almost took offense at the idea that because I'm from Oregon, a coastal state, I couldn't possibly understand middle America. But Ahhh no, I'm not fooled by you Chris Mathews. I know what what you are really doing is mocking the flyover states and their cute little religion. Mocking the way they shy away from the modernity and cling to the fraying edges of an old way, in the face of the overpowering and unbeatable winds of change. As if Iowa was fighting to keep the internet away.

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Melanie said...

When is the last time Chris Mathews looked at a map of the US? He forgets that Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia--all cinched tightly within the Bible Belt, are all states on the east coast... And since when did they start hating modernity in Las Vegas? Or Chicago? Is all the music in Austin played on sticks and washboards? Do they have ski lifts on horse-drawn pulleys in Aspen?