Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Craig

I've been trying not to waste my time with this 'Sen. Craig in the bathroom with the shoe thing'. I've mostly avoided it because I can't think of anything I care less about than where other people meet for sex. I keep hearing reports and something just wont leave me alone. A man was arrested in an airport bathroom for tapping another man's foot and waving his fingers under a bathroom stall. Maybe it's some weird gay code but I don't know what it would stand for. What's more is that if it is some weird gay code, I am hard pressed to find where it is legally binding. I've not been privy (to be honest from lack of effort I'm sure) of any publicly declared code of conduct that specifically identifies such behavior as an explicit invitation for sex.

Senator Craig can resign or not, he can lose his next election or win it. I really really don't care. What does concern me is that in a society with more than 4 murders per hundred thousand people per year, in a society where we are constantly barraged with illegal searches in order to "protect" us at the airport; the police are wasting our time and money setting up sting operations to police the way that homos hit on each-other. Is this really our priority? Are we as a society so fucked up that we care how people agree to fuck each other? What's next? Setting up stings in the airport bar; if you smile and buy someone a drink is that still OK? Is it less OK if a guy buys a guy a drink, and what specific statute regulates this kind of behavior?

Look I don't want people fucking in bathroom stalls either. It's creepy, for sure. But are we all as a group certain that a foot tap and a hand under a stall is a guarantee of lewd action? This is a waste of taxpayer dollars and a waste of police time.

Listen to the interview with Craig. It may seem obvious that he's lying to cover up his behavior (it may not). But focus on the specific behavior to which he's being asked to admit. Listen to the specific nuances of behavior that lead the police officer to accuse him of lying. Listen to the way that the police officer manipulates him by routinely suggesting that if he confesses to this behavior then no one has to find out about it.

Interview with Craig

So is the open palm facing up a crime but a closed palm facing down is fine? Is the crime committed when the hand breaks the horizontal plane of the bottom of the stall wall or is the crime committed when the hand breaks the vertical plane of the stall wall? What if the hand is open, palm up (supinated) when it crosses the horizontal plane but rotated palm down (pronated) when it crosses the vertical plane? What if the opposite is true?

I'm so glad I'm not gay. I mean this code is complicated. As a straight male all I have to do buy a drink, make an offer, get rejected and go home to watch pornography on the internet. It's so much simpler.

I wonder how many times I have to ask this question; Can anybody tell me why it is that people don't trust the police? I just can't seem to figure it out. I mean it can't be the lying, the traps, the constant use of citizens as a fund raising opportunity, the arrogant attitudes, or the complete lack of appropriate oversight. It's probably not even the fact that police routinely get away with the same offenses with which they charge others.

I just don't know.

What I do know is that Congress should have a higher standard for it's members than for others. What I do know is that police activities are the direct result of legislative decisions. The US government, State and Local legislators and counselors, these are the people that created our police state and it never hurts my feelings to see one of them get bit by the same machine they created to control the citizens.

Police are coming into the homes of innocent people in droves with military training, military weapons, a judicial system weighted grossly in their favor, and complete disdain for a constitution that they openly believe to be arcane.

But our airport bathrooms are protected from consenting sexual advances. Or at the very least they are protected from supinated palms below the horizontal plane of the stall walls. Cause that's a huge national security issue.

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