Friday, February 29, 2008

Really? Mondale? Really?

There's a stink about the Clinton campaign. A stink that seems familiar to some. No I'm not talking about the stink of used up whores that stick's to Mr. Bill. I'm talking about the stink of desperation.

One of the benefits of a field full of terrible, and similarly destructive candidates is that I can revel in the failures and pitfalls of anyone who isn't doing well. I can be just as gleeful as I want to be when I see Hillary shitting in her own pool, because I know that there is no probable positive outcome to this presidential election. No matter what happens the next president of the United States will be a douche bag, who won by defeating other douche bags. Sure it might be a half black douche bag, or a female douche bag; Or a douche bag who is only an R' because he's got a bone to pick with the VC and the D's hate that. But it will definitely be a grade-A prime douche bag.

I digress.

Clinton scored points recently by tricking Obama into calling a photo of himself a dirty trick (why do they take the bait?) and tricking the R's into using the same photo in racially charged direct mail. The mere fact that anyone swung at that pitch in the dirt is incredible; let alone everybody swinging for the fences. All the while Hill's campaign just sat back and commended the Senator for learning about other cultures. Score one for Hill; but it was not enough to save her drowning mission to get blown by an intern in the oval office. The stink of desperation is as follows: Stealing campaign ads from Walter Mondale. (might be hard to really call it stealing as the ads were made by the same person)

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