Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Convention Speech String

Nice slideshow...

7:47 the bitch is back
They went with the orange pantsuit which would have been my choice with her skin tone.

Michelle looks cranky before any words are spoken

"and as a proud supporter of Barack Obama..." that must hurt.
It obviously hurt Bill

"Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits" that's funny.

holy hell this is a boring speech.

How can Hillary Clinton talk with a straight face about the middle class?

McCain stands for "more war and less diplomacy" Didn't her husband bomb an aspirin factory?

When did gender income inequality make it back on top of the D's platform?

Harriet Tubman "keep going" quote is good speech writing.

I'm incredibly sick of the glass ceiling bullshit.

All in all a sufficiently predictable unity speech. Nothing particularly of interest for me. She's playing to the party as we all expected. It looks like she wants their support in 2012. She also pandered pretty heavily to the feminist voters which she and O both really need.

I'm interested to see Bill's speech to find out if he's capable of being this deferential.

The D's are doing a good job of staying positive which has always been their weakness. They are not doing a good job of defining policy and party identity. This will be the weak point of their election bid this year. If they don't find an identity and illustrate it, the R's will do it for them.

They are also running on one of the biggest mistakes they've been carrying around; running against Bush and not against McCain. Watch for the R's to push a very well identified party platform, and for McCain to be billed as his own man.

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