Monday, October 13, 2008

The Worst News Yet


This bodes very poorly for the future of our society. Paul Krugman writes an Op-Ed column for the New York Times, has taught at Yale, MIT and is currently a professor at Princeton. He's also a commie.

In his recent book The Conscience of a Liberal he writes;

"My generation grew up in a nation of strong democratic values and broadly shared prosperity. But both those values and that shared prosperity have been slipping away.

"We can reverse that trend. Political and economic reform turned the oligarchic America of the Gilded Age, a place of vast inequality, bigotry, and corruption, into the imperfect but far better society of the postwar era. The challenge now is to do again what the New Deal did: to create institutions that will support and sustain a decent society."

Are you kidding me? The Nobel Prize for a man who advocates a return to the socialist economic policies that the economics world widely regards as the very thing that kept us in the Great Depression for so long? A man alive during our time, who can actually watch the failure of entitlement ideology like Social Security and still advocates a return to that kind of policy?

Paul Krugman just last night applauded the EU for massive bank nationalizations. This is stupider than when the Nobel went to Gore for learning to use Power-Point.

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Mike said...

If you look at the progressively socialist/communist leanings of the Nobel committee, what else would you expect than the likes of Krugman???