Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is looking at returning the $5b in TARP money that they received late last year. Street Insider has the news.

"Goldman also has the capital to pay back TARP, with a balance sheet with about $100 billion in available cash."

So tell me... If GS has $100b what is it that required our $5b so urgently. Why is it that just the threat of lost bonuses has sparked a hasty return? One wonders if it was necessary or wise to give away free money in a hurry.


Mike said...

could it be that someone in government forced them to take the money?

Anonymous said...

I think that while congresses hearts were in the right place trying to protect "every day" Americans their rush to hand out free money was away to ease their own consciousness in the fact that they are partly to blame for the economic break down.

What America needs right now is some tough love about our spending habits.

Mike said...

Anonymous, the money isn't free. They took it, from you and from me! I certainly did not vote for a Congressman to take my earnings and give them to some lazy bastard to waste.