Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama Says Debt Load 'Unsustainable'

Obama on Debt

I'm not a genius or anything but perhaps this is the kind of revelation he could have used... Oh i don't know... BEFORE HE CAUSED THE DEBT LOAD TO GET THIS HIGH!!!!

It's not like millions of us weren't saying it was going to be a problem. Even his supporters had to be lured into the fold with promises of net budget cuts. Still there he is, standing on top of the worlds largest debt funded national budget in history. There he is, encouraging more deficit spending in his first year in office than the entire Bush presidency. It's almost as if Barack Obama is just a sleazy scumbag politician who does one thing and says another so he can claim to have been on both sides of an issue. But that just can't be the truth. He was supposed to be the new Jesus right? He couldn't possibly be a scamming liar like all the rest of those statist manipulators... could he?

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