Thursday, June 25, 2009

Biggest Tax in American History

The WSJ has a piece tomorrow (online today) talking about the actual costs of the Markey-Waxman global warming scam tax. Cap and trade has been a miserable failure wherever it has been tried. In most cases it has amounted to a tax funded incentive system for larger polluters. In even the best cases it has had little to no effect on carbon emissions and has crippled the economic environment for the poorest people. It will cost far more than even the most optimistic estimates of it's benefits. The CBO and House Democrats are deliberately hiding the real nature of it's overwhelming costs. Call your congressman and insist that they vote against this atrocious attempt to steal money from hard working class families.

This has gone too far. Throughout history people have tried to convince the masses that they can control the weather if we just give them enough money. We call them charlatans, snake oil salesman, grifters, con artists, hooligans, thieves, and of course congressman. Used to be we could take them out and shoot them. Now at least it's worth the phone call. Unless you have the extra 2 grand a year to spare. Or maybe you think now is a perfectly good time to pull the brake lever on the American economy.

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Mike said...

This is only just beginning!