Tuesday, January 19, 2010

France and the Real World

Yesterday the French accused the United States of attempting a military occupation in Haiti in the wake of the current disaster. The French are due for a ridiculous statement like this as they have been a full three minutes without one. I'll point out to start that I was hating the French way before hating the French was cool. They (as a nation not necessarily individually) are a bunch of lily livered pansies whose sole achievements over the last hundred years include the resurgence in popularity of the baguette and maintaining their status as the worlds largest contributor to nations that intend, desire, or practice the large scale extermination of the Jewish people. Also they suck on relations with black people but I'm getting off topic.

In the world there are only eleven 70,000+ ton super carriers. Ships capable of producing 400,000 gallons of potable water a day, 18,000 meals a day, enough electricity for a large city indefinitely, 65 dedicated hospital beds and a full medical team as well as the capability to transfer urgent patients by air to medical facilities. They have the capability to run search and rescue operations non-stop for months on end. They are staffed with over five thousand trained soldiers and airmen. They have the ability to house over 6000 people making them the ideal floating headquarters for a larger land-based rescue and medical effort. They are literally a floating airport and communications hub. They are accompanied by a host of other ships with more specific military and humanitarian capabilities. There are no other ships in the world with these capabilities. Of the eleven in service the Unites States owns... Eleven. Hey France, should we wait for you to build one?

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