Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drunk blogging the Republican debate

And we're done. I feel dirty

Bachman admires Cain because of his stupid tax plan because people are stupid. Ugh. My god she's a dumb cunt.

Paul admires the people who have come to agree with him... Awesome.

Mitt admires Ron Paul's qualities of leadership

The dogs are bugging me because I had dinner, even though it's not time for dinner.

7:43 Perry endorses Paul's stance on the FED.

Santorum thinks Gingrich is the guy and wants to be vp. Ha ha ha ha

Exactly ron Paul. The government fails when it tells I you how to take care of yourself.

"3rd party payer" is going to be a big point for a while.

Rick Santorum,: when did I live through hard times? Well I don't like faggots.

Ron Paul: when did I live though hard times? Well there was that great depression I lived through.

Look Ann Romney and the man that must be her mistress.

Rick Perry earned nothing the year I was born... Boo hoo. Pussy.

Rick perry is an asshole robot I swear it.

I have to say that the idea that the israelis or the Palestinians are new to the region is appalling. They have both been in the area for more than a thousand years... Shut up.t

I appologise for missions some big fails in the last ten minutes but my iPad keyboard suddenly turned retarded the problem is resolved.

Bachman wants me to know who was in rooms she was in before she was there?

When was mitt friends with benjamin netanyah? We know Newt has been for years and years.

Mitt is pissed that Newt actually knows some history?

Anybody notice that Ron Paul knows the history of the ottoman empire palestinians?

Newt is running against Jimmy Carter on the Israel issue.

Damn right stay out of the worlds issues

Ron Paul's podium is too high. It's weird.

There something really creepy about Perry's neck. He wears high collars and when it slips its like he's got weird shit under his skin, I'm not even guessing what it

We can stipulate that Evernote here thinks that securing the border is priority one? I'm not sure we can stipulate that Diane.

the founders wrote about marital infidelity.... Really Michelle?

Way to go Ron Paul the answer is the oath of office not your marriage vows

"Individuals who have been in fidelity with their spouse" I do not think this word means what perry thinks that it means

Wow "Newts a cheater" question right after the commercial? Let's see if newt can handle it.

6:42 commercial break. Fire on the Mountain makes GREAT wings.

Bachman is claiming responsibility for the Tea Party???

Santorum is running for a cabinet post

Sanatorum just called Bachman a loser

Romney is packaging himself as the states rights big government liberal...mhmmm creepy.

"I've got othe book and I wrote the book" mitt

"I frankly was floundering" newt

Rick Perry's job is to make Bachman sound sensible. Ick.

Perry and I agree on one thing, neither of us know what that sentence meant.

Ohnshit Rick perry is still here. I'm sorry Rick, I forgot you were there.

Watching Bachman speak is like watching a Disney animatronic zombie skank talk, I just can't even hear what she says.

Michelle Bachman says she's been in private business for 50 years. Hmmm

The right answer to newt is that he must not give that good advice if we had to bail his client out.

I love ron Paul but he can take a win and make it sound rambly

Does an entry level janitor in the ny school district make more than an entry level teacher? Anybody know the answer to that? Cite a source if you can

"the only reason you didn't become a career politician is that you lost to Teddy Kennedy" newt to mitt. SNAP BITCH

6:20. Romney chuckles at Gingrich electability... Keep chuckling hairpiece.

Ron Paul wants to keep tax cuts and pay for them by ending wars. Suck it everyone else.

Romney calls it the Obama economy but were sitting in a copy of Romney policy. Hmm

Diane sawyer is the least articulate person at the republican debate... That's a big accomplishment

Bachman wants to create "literally millions of dollars" of growth. This is the "win plan"

Perry is a sound bite.

Mitt Romney, prepositions are not something to end sentences with.

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