Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two fer One

It's that time of year again, when people come together to celebrate a very special holiday.... My Birthday!

And for my birthday today I got two cool unexpected presents. Wall Street announced that this years bonuses would be the highest paid out ever. Now that is two presents for me. For one it allows me to spend a few minutes talking about how the free market re-distributes wealth better than and dirty pinko "socialist" system could, and I also get to listen to the dirty commies around the world cry about 'conspicuous consumption' and how tragic it is that people get paid well for something. Never mind the fact that hundreds if not thousands of people will get better jobs, or raises or earn more due to higher sales volume in the area. Never mind the fact that the tax revenue created by the bonus' alone will foster improved government services. Never mind the fact that a great deal of that increased standard of living provided to the citizens is the direct result of lowering taxes. They will still cry about how unfair it is that anyone gets to be wealthy. As if fairness depends on everyone starving together. Ha ha ha... Take my Laffer Curve right to the kisser.

Just look what Adam Goldman had to say.

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