Friday, February 23, 2007

Dropout 1 Free and open discourse 0

Perhaps it's time for the fire and the brimstone and all that. I mean seriously if gather up all the religious metaphors from all the really good and scary religions and put them together, perhaps they equal what is due society in the midst of this kind of fucking nonsense. I can't begin to wrap my brain around a world where a high school dropout can silence a scientist because she and her GED know better than he. I'm not saying that his theories are right or wrong but what I am saying is that when we silence the debate because the established government morons have made up they're fucking puny little minds then we have lost every inch of freedom our grandfathers died for. And I'm serious when I use the word MORON... a high school dropout and career govt hack thinks that her job is to establish a government sponsored scientific THEORY, and that others cannot disagree. We've adopted a state religion and it's based on the weather of all 'stable, predictable' things. We're wasting away in a puddle of our own juices at the bottom of a long dark tunnel. We may not emerge from this, though history would suppose otherwise. What I do know is that if we're on our way down we need to lubricate the walls with the thick, nasty blood of autocratic half-wits like this.



Oh, Post Script.
Not that it matters anymore but the "intelligentsia" are going to cringe when I tell you that this fucking idiot is a DEMOCRAT


Melanie said...

Okay, but:

"[The scientist in question] received no appointment or state money to support his office at the University of Delaware, where he is also a professor of geography. His position as climatologist carries no state authority."

He's calling himself a "state climatologist" when he doesn't work for the state. It also sounds like this guy has publicly stated opposing views on global warming, depending on who he's speaking to.

BTW, you need to check your grammar. Yep, I'm the grammar police, wielding a wooden ruler.

Ombibulous said...

First of all he works for the University of Delaware so he is a state employee. Second of all he is a professor of Climatology. Also it's computational geosciences, not geology.

"David R. Legates is Associate Professor in Climatology in the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Legates has served as chief research scientist in a variety of commercial venues, including the Southern Regional Climate Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the Center for Computational Geosciences in Norman, Oklahoma. He is the recipient of numerous professional and scientific awards and has authored or co-authored over two hundred articles, monographs, book chapters, proceedings papers and encyclopedia entries as well as computer programs and datasets for climate modeling." - George Marshall Institute

Oh and the wooden ruler coment was hot.

Mike said...

Good job, Mel!