Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Feel Dirty

I've decided that a two-party political system is like two rapists, arguing with each other about which orifice they are going to use when they screw you until you bleed to death; and then about which one gets to eat your remains. It's time friends for an uprising. It's time to take to the street with torches and pitchforks (not sure anymore where to get pitchforks but they are clearly a must in this case) and tear down the mechanism that enslaves us. It is time for us to round up and slaughter them all. One big pile of disgusting, filthy, suit and tie wearing rapist slime; dead to the last man (or woman).

The proposed IRS budget for 2008
11.1 Billion Dollars
(That's 11 billion dollars we pay them just for taking OUR money.)

HUD up 7 percent

Treasury up 7 percent

Homeland Security non-defense up 9.5 percent (what exactly is homeland security non-defense spending? Oh I know, that's the billions spent listening to our phone calls and "protecting" our borders from imported low cost labor.)

Health and Human Services up 32 Billion

Justice up over a billion dollars (one can only assume mostly in the loving attempt to incarcerate more villainous potheads and those caught driving while dark skinned... Oh wait the NYPD still shoots the 'unarmed persons of notable African decent', don't they?... Well more money for bullets then.)

This is from a Repugnant president, not a Demoncrat

But what do the D's have to say this week?

The Hildebeast
"I want to take those profits..."
--In reference to oil company record profit announcement. (This week BP gave half a billion dollars to fund a Berkley program developing alternative energy sources.)

"if I had been president in 2002 I would not have started this war"
--A war she voted for

"we are going to provide.. universal health care to every single American"
--remind me again who "we" is... Oh right "we" is what people say when they mean 'from each according to his ability to each according to his need'. (Karl Marx, in case you had trouble placing the quote because you've never read anything, ever.)

Johnny bEdweter
"We should have brokerage houses report the capital gains that people are incurring because we're losing billions and billions of dollars in tax revenue,"

"We'll have to raise taxes. The only way you can pay for a healthcare plan that cost anywhere from $90 to $120 billion is there has to be a revenue source,"

Steal, steal steal... Take it all take it all and if they wont give it to us we'll make a law so their broker has to spy for us.

Kalifornia Assemblyman Lloyd 'leave the lights off' Levine
Has proposed a ban on incandescent light bulbs which he says "were first developed almost 125 years ago, and since that time they have undergone no major modifications,”. (Which oddly enough I am specifically qualified to say is patently untrue.)
Industry leader Osram says the following about incandescent lamps.

'In 1854 the German clockmaker Johann Heinrich Goebel invented the incandescent lamp. Thomas Alva Edison took the idea and developed it further, leading to a breakthrough in 1879.

Artificial light still hung by a thread a delicate carbon thread. OSRAM replaced it by a much more stable metal filament. Since then, lamps have been continually improved and new principles of generating light have been developed. And new materials have been used. The technical innovations over the last few years have had two main objectives better economy and minimal environmental impact.

The incandescent lamp, however, is still one of the most common artificial light sources. With its warm cozy light it creates a pleasant atmosphere. Wherever this is needed the incandescent lamp is still the first choice."

Incandescent lights provide a quality that is unmatched and difficult if not impossible to replicate in non-incandescent forms. But why would the quality of a product you buy be a factor?

Incidentally without the incandescent light many many industries (including mine) would not exist.

Last but not least (for now)

Two men were arrested in Boston for inciting bomb scares, even though out of the thousands of people across the country who saw their ad campaign only Boston Cops were stupid enough to think they were bombs.

ARRESTED for the stupidity of the police... So I guess that's where the new Justice Dept. money will go.

Honestly every time I read the news this week I got the eery sensation I was backstage at the circus watching a clown violate a little girl.

Kill them all...

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