Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One third of Washington DC residents are illiterate

A recent study by the State Education Agency, a semi Marxist 'educational' group has determined that 170,000 people in the District of Columbia are functionally Illiterate.

I just can't figure out the math...

- 435 Congressmen
- 100 Senators
- 12 Supreme Court Justices
- 1 President
- 3000 Senate Staffers*
- 5220 Congressional Staffers*
- 400 White House Staffers *
- 16 Cabinet Rank Members
65,099 DC Public School Students

That leaves 95,717 people which must account for employees of cabinet offices and their respective idiotic departmental wastes of money; Also the DC based IRS employees.

I wonder if anyone is surprised to find that DC is chalk full of Illiterate morons... I know I'm not. We elected most of the higher ranking ones.

*= educated guesses on employment levels based on published budgets and personal observations

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