Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who Dares Wins

Let me start by saying that I don't believe in interventionist foreign policy, specifically when it comes to military force. I think that it is seldom in our best interest to devote our military forces to the internal issues of another nation. We also do not live in a political or historical vacuum so lets not get all testy and think that this opinion applies to every situation with the same vigor.

There, that being said I think it's about time to see a great big tattoo in the shape of a flaming sword where Tehran used to be. Turn the SAS loose and see who walks back out.

I'm not sure what's going on in the halls of the British leadership but if 15 of their sailors really were within Iraqi waters when they were taken hostage by the Iranians, then it's time to turn
Ahmadinejad's house into a pile of pink fucking gravel. Maybe this is why I'm not a world leader but I think somebody needs to pull a good old-fashioned mafia style Kadafi compound move. We haven't heard much from that little prick since we liquidated some of his family for him.

Don't go over and live there and try to change people. Just show up, administer a swift, sharp, bloody spanking, grab the hostages, leave a flower on the pillow and get the fuck back out.

If I ruled the world (ho ho ho), then this kind of shit would come with a three word answer; 'Carpet Fucking Bomb' assholes, ok.

But the Brits don't listen to me very often; at least not when it comes to war and dental hygiene.

Here's the story as I see it.

-Wednesday the 21st Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatens to engage in illegal nuclear action if sanctions are passed. "If they want to treat us with threats and enforcement of coercion and violence, undoubtedly they must know that the Iranian nation and authorities will use all their capacities to strike enemies that attack."

-Friday the 23rd Iran announces Ahmadinejad canceled trip to speak before the UN Security Council

-Saturday the 24th the UN security council imposes new sanctions on Iran after they again refused to suspend their nuclear enrichment program. Member nations including Britain

-Ahmadinejad is quoted saying that people "seeking to impose sanctions against Iran will suffer a greater damage themselves"

-Wednesday the 28th Iranian soldiers enter Iraqi waters and forcibly kidnap 15 British sailors

-Iranian officials initially report the location of the British soldiers as in Iraqi waters when they were captured, then released a new and different location after British officials pointed that fact out to them

Anyone who doesn't think this action was deliberate and premeditated on the part of the Iranian leadership should contact me regarding some beneficial real estate arrangements I have to offer.

Thanks to the AP for this graphic.

It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place. --H.L. Mencken

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