Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nappy Headed Hoe's

Imus is out and Sharpton claims this is just the beginning. With backing from such vicious language Nazi's like the Anti Defamation League, how can things go wrong from here.

I had the pleasure of working with some people from the ADL in Nebraska a few years ago. We were producing a tour of a show about the Holocaust. The show was particularly poignant and very difficult to watch if you have any sense of decency.

What struck me about our meetings with ADL employees was that they were not very interested in having us inform students about the events surrounding the murder of 11 million people. What they were interested in was the language we used to talk about it. They insisted that we should never use scary words or language. They didn't want us to alarm children, to inform children, to teach anything about the politics of hate. What they wanted us to talk about was how children talked about things. They wanted us to tell children that the holocaust shows us that it's not ok to tell dirty jokes, or say anything that's not nice, or use words that identify groups of people. As if Hitler would have been stopped if less people were overheard saying 'so three Jews walk into a bar'.

With that in mind I wonder how Al Sharpton can spend any time talking about the statements of Don Imus when he repeatedly defended and endorsed

This Man

Since Sharpton is so adamant about policing speech perhaps he should talk about his use of the term "diamond merchant" as a slur against Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, 1991. Maybe he'll discuss it when he finally apologizes to the parents of Yankel Rosenbaum for his role in the riots that ended in the stabbing death of their son. I guess it's more repulsive for a white man to criticize a group of black college basketball players that it would be for an angry mob of black Americans to chant "kill the Jew" while slaughtering an innocent rabbinical student in the street.

Maybe he could stick it in with his apology for repeatedly involving himself in cases that wrongly accuse white men of rape, and then ignoring the results when they are proved innocent.

Al Sharpton is a racist anti-Semite who has repeatedly incited riotous violent behavior against people based on their race.

But hey, Imus called somebody a name on his comedy show. What an asshole.

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Steven Young said...

So, just for fun, I clicked on your 'hoes' link and then decided that it would be an interesting personal quiz to see if I could pick out the black athletes from the white athletes based solely on racial stereotypes.

Shockingly, I was completely right on all guesses, and was only momentarily fooled by Judith Ray's middle name Brittany!