Saturday, April 21, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have promised an entry regarding the Virginia Tech shooting.

I have two things and two things only to say here.

My heart and thoughts are with all 33 of the families that have been so viciously torn apart by this disgusting act. I only hope that some day they may find peace in the solemn knowledge that a world mourns with them, and that each of us feels a little more personal responsibility for interactions with our fellow man.

Also for anyone who has ever argued that people do not need guns because the police are there to protect them, I'll remind you that the police in this case, who did their job to the best of their ability, were unable to stop this horrific mess, even being involved 2 hours before the event. No phone call to the police would have stopped this madman during his rampage. The only thing that could have stopped him would be 230 grains of 45acp hollow point goodness, that the now deceased citizens in the classrooms were prohibited by law from having.

You cannot anticipate the acts of madmen, you cannot expect to prevent all madmen from availing themselves of the tools for destruction. If they can't find guns, they find bombs, bombs made from everyday items around the home, if they cant find bombs they find another way. Perhaps they stretch the killing out over more time, but they will find a way to kill.

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Right on!