Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York Democrats

As if I needed another reason to think that New York is the deepest pit in Hell. I have commented before in private that I thought this presidential election was going to boil down to which self important New York piece of shit we could tolerate the most. Fortunately it hasn't turned out that way but if you aren't sure why then Governor Eliot Spitzer might shed some light on it. New York is the shining symbol of self important narcissistic arrogance in the world today. All the press in the world can't change the fact that while NY thinks itself the de-facto capital of the united states, we still all know it's just a crowded shit-hole. Demoncrat Governor Fuckahoe ran on a platform of crusading against government corruption. And now he's up to his ears in illegal prostitution. Sweet.

Let's be clear that while prostitution is against the law in most locations (notably New York and DC) I am not interested in chastising anyone for business arrangements between consenting adults. I only seek to condemn a man for his profound hypocrisy and the arrogance with which he has sought out 'corruption' while subversively attempting to smear his political opponents.


In post script I would like to add that any business in which an American woman with no specific educational background can bill at $4,300 a night can hardly be justifiably prohibited.

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Mike said...

Looks like the number of comments is reflective of how many people give a rat's ass about NYC, or Mr. Spitzer