Monday, March 17, 2008

The week in Democrats... Spitzer? I hardly know her.

If you enjoy watching the D's suffer then the last week or so has made you grin from ear to ear.

D' Governor of New York is dethroned in a scandal of infidelity, prostitution and hypocrisy so deep if you dropped a rock in it you would never hear it hit the bottom.

His replacement Lt. Governor and cross-eyed blind imbecile David Paterson took office with the fantastic announcement that he and his wife were no strangers to the beds of... well strangers.

A former aide of the disgraced former governor of New Jersey (Jim McGreevey) chose this week to tell the world about his bisexual threesomes with McGreevey and his wife.

The national D party which seemed to have a lock on the presidency if only it could make up it's mind on which shitty candidate is the heir apparent; has thrown down the gauntlet by denying it's Florida citizens representation in it's convention.

As if that weren't enough the D' voters in Mich. will get a three stooges-esque do-over showing the world that D's are not even capable of following their own silly bullshit rules.

It looks like there's almost no way that the D's are going to escape a candidate decision on the floor at the convention and the R's will have had like 6-8 months of head-start. Whats more is that the country will have plenty of time to forget the ugly things that R's have said about their candidate, while the D's will still have plenty of fresh blood on their shirts.

I'll say it again the Democrats eat their young.

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