Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Former White House Press Secetary Decides Not to End Career

Scott McClellan released his inevitable book this week. And in the fashion of rats from a sinking ship he takes ample time (I have heard) to tear into the President's Iraq policy and other things. Read about it at Politico (link below).

I wont argue the points he makes because they are in all likelihood totally true and worthwhile. I will say this, when you spent so much time at a podium defending these specific decisions can cutting ties with them after the fact actually save your career? And if it can save your career, what does it say about the man that you are?

I guess it says that you weren't paid well enough to retire and are afraid that if you don't cut and run your career is as over as GW's... I mean the man is only 40, he has some time to kill before he can retire.

Scott McClellan

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