Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teddy K.

With reports of Ted Kennedy's almost, not really, demise today, the news was flooded with an outpouring of love and support for one of the worst Americans since FDR. It's odd because I thought I was watching CNN where that kind of left wing love festival for such a blatant commie, elitist, scum piece of shit like TK would make sense but oddly enough I saw Fox News logos all over the screen. Far be it for me to defend Fox News for it's impartiality but I can't imagine what kind of meeting they had to have before giving him a pass on a day like today.

I actually heard a pundit refer to TK as 'never compromising his integrity."

Perhaps I am not well versed on 'integrity' but I'm pretty sure it's at least a minor compromise to leave the scene of an accident where you have drunkenly caused the brutal drowning death of an innocent young woman and slink back to the security of your compound to sleep it off before alerting the authorities a day later about the corpse you left in the wake of your party.

Also it may not be reeking of integrity to use your political influence and considerable wealth to organize a misdemeanor charge and a suspended sentence out of the whole affair.

Every time I see someone talk about what a 'Great American' TK is with his 45+ years of political 'service', I try to forge past the miles and miles of damage that his legislation has caused to real Americans who don't get the free pass he did. I try to ignore those politically charged issues on which he and I disagree and focus only on the actual damage he has caused people personally during his life. I also try not to focus on the whoring and the alcoholism (cause really who am I to judge on those grounds) and focus only on what an elitist, snobby, worthless, fat, diseased (probably, seizures are one of the main symptoms of Syphilis), hypocritical piece of shit that he is. Who else could oppose Roe V. Wade adamantly before it was law, and then after it was law speak with vitriolic condemnation on the floor of the senate about...wait for it, people who oppose Roe V. Wade.

That's how I manage to hold back the tears when I hear he's not well.

Seriously when I closed my eyes the news today sounded like the Nixon funeral coverage, with it's glowing adorations and complete omission of the horrible effect he had on the country.

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As usual, an excellent and hilarious post. Thanks! I always enjoy reading your writing.