Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Still Saying it. GLOBAL WARMING IS A SCAM.


I was watching an episode of some tv show or another this week on DVD. Al Gore did a guest spot in which he let slip a very telling remark.

"we need C02 taxes to replace the payroll taxes"

And it got me thinking. Not just about a convoluted scheme to change the tax system; because I'm all for eliminating the payroll taxes. And not just about the idea that big time commie's like Al Gore do nothing but sit around and think of ways to raise taxes, because we all know that. What I started to think about is what would be the benefit and to whom would it go, if global warming were in fact an intentional bullshit scam and not just the ravings of scientists who are shitty at math.

Obviously an environmental crisis is good for people who make 'environmentally friendly products'. Even today at work we discussed how we could get a grant to upgrade our equipment as long as we used LED technology because it uses less electricity and is therefor 'green'. If, in my business we are scamming for green dollars you can bet your ass the rest of the world is clamoring for them as well. So it stands to reason that there is a large base of people who benefit economically from the scam... I mean the crisis of course.

But I wonder if there might be a larger more interesting grift in progress. If you want to employ a conman with the largess of a man who thinks he was robbed of the most powerful position in the world, one wonders what you might have come up with as a motivator. Perhaps the greatest motivator of all is in the mix... World Domination.

I know it sound preposterous, like the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist, or the plot to a Hollywood movie. We are historically, constantly amazed by the presence among us of those who strive for such obscene and grandiose ideas. But historically thats just what we have had. We have tended to give long leashes to those in our midst that sought these kinds of ends, but we have never been in short supply of them.

Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon. None of these men seemed like crazy sons-of-bitches bent on the sick pursuit of global power at the start. Sure we know they were psycho now, but at the time at least the majority of their countrymen, (or the majority of their elite) thought them to be reasonable men with a passionate cause for all mankind.

We are not past that kind of thinking and we are not past that kind of ambition. So then what would be my evidence for this supposition. Lets be clear at this point that I am hypothesizing, and not presenting a set of concrete conclusions. I am not doing what the environmental lobby does which is to turn supposition into indisputable fact. All I'm doing is suggesting that it's possible that there might be an ambition behind the global warming movement that isn't exactly altruistic.

Al Gore, was endorsed in the presidential race by Dick Gephart, who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. George W. Bush was endorsed by his father who is a member (and leader for a time) of the Council on Foreign Relations. George Bush Sr. proposed a 'new world order' which has long been a goal of the Council on Foreign Relations. Al Gore supposes that a series of questionable data points to a crisis of global proportions requiring global solutions, that also has the benefit of a nebulous time scale beyond "drastically urgent". This crisis also benefits from the the fact that the only real evidence used to promote it's existence is... Any kind of weather. I'll repeat that for those of you that were skimming, the evidence that global warming disasters are approaching is any kind of weather event. What's required to solve this crisis is a system of world wide treaties, taxes, penalties and laws, to ensure that, in a global economy, everyone plays the same.

The perfect storm for say... the Council on Foreign Relations.

It's perfect, there's no way for an event to happen that gets in their way, there's no kind of weather that doesn't help their cause. They can explain anything because their data is hardly concrete. And no one can dispute their basic argument that WEATHER CHANGES.

To top it off the current president has bungled almost everything he's done to the point of devaluing the American currency and driving the cost of commodities such as fuel and food, through the roof. Both important commodities in maintaining the independence of the last major super power, or as some might see it the last remaining stronghold of economic independence. But does the current president seem upset as his leadership is widely regarded even by his own party as a monumental disaster? No, he seems upbeat about it. Is that perhaps because he is the foil to the larger ambitions of his brothers at the CFR, to tear down the world economies just in the same period of history most ripe for globalization? I mean that has to be a coincidence right? Al Gore and George Bush have nothing to do with each other right? Except that they are both endorsed and promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations, which is widely known to seek a single global government.

I could be wrong. This might not be the case.

But it might. And if it is, holy shit you think rising tides are scary?


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