Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's the Difference

I'm having trouble with a group of people lately and their ideas. Not so much a problem as a complicated difficulty understanding their point of view.

As a resident of Los Angeles I see 'hispanic' issues as significant and relevant to the day to day lives of the people around me. I see the effects of illegal immigration on every aspect of day to day life here both in the positive and the negative. I have very defined and strong opinions on those effects and what should be done to support of assuage them.

One group of people that bothers me, calls themselves 'La Raza' which means 'the race' in spanish.

When it comes from a disadvantaged minority they sound like a sad group of people that need help. But in essence what they are is a group of extremist, brown supremacists. It's hard to characterize and I would rather not do so. But when you couch your name and rhetoric in the same terms and basic language as the Nazis it makes very little difference if you message is one of peace and acceptance or if you openly intend to rid North America of it's filthy white influences. It all sounds like a racist rant to me, and though I wont' be voting for John McCain, I will not be voting for people that support racial ignorance on the part of any group even if they aren't white.

It's time to recognize hate and evil in any color not just white.

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