Friday, November 21, 2008

Not all Bad Things are Bad Things

It has been brought to my attention that I have, of late, perhaps been slightly negative regarding the winner of the presidential election. Some have expressed concern that I may only be seeing the bad side of having an immensely popular and charismatic communist with no reasonable congressional opposition as the leader of the free world. I will, therefor attempt to assuage the concerns of my readers with a small break from my alarmist railings. I present to you a list of potentially positive things that could result from the election of President Elect Obama.

1. John McCain isn't the President of the United States. While I'm not convinced he was the greater of two evils, he was and is most certainly evil. It must be said that the inevitable positive in dueling scoundrels is that in the end there is one less scoundrel.

2. The Republican party of the last twelve years has most assuredly reached it's demise and not a moment too soon. For those of us with Liberty in our veins the steady swing of the Grand Old Party away from limited government and free people and towards backwoods religious idiocy has been a painful one. Now the party and those of us that left it can look for opportunities to re-think, re-shape, re-build the Freedom Movement in America. The Republican party can choose to come with us or it can go the way of countless other long forgotten parties in American History. This election and a government entirely run by the Left has the potential of freeing a great many people who had feared that a bad Republican party was still worth supporting. Now we can all clearly see that the left is firmly in charge and the bloated ignorant pig that is today's Republican party was impotent in stopping them.

3. Racism? In America? Nah. Not even the French will have the gall to continue to call America a racist nation. Lets see how long it takes them to get a black President.

4. The difference between a big government loving Republican party, and a big government loving Democrat party is that at least the Liberty Movement has a clear and obvious opponent now. The current administration can't do much more to destroy individual liberty than their predecessors and this way we can still pick up support from those that were previously unwilling to abandon the Republicans while they held the reins.

5. If President Obama turns out to not be as bad as I think he is, well then that's good news all around. If he does turn out to be that bad, then an iconic figure is just as effective for his opposition as he is for his supporters. The Democrats can tell you it's easy to raise money and support when you have one central figure to rally against. Where would they have been if Bush had been a fantastic guy?

6. The media loved Obama but I doubt it was for political reasons. The media love anything that makes people pay attention to them. The very least that can be said for this election and it's results. I'll have no shortage of things about which to write.

7. Maybe the results of this presidential election and the passage of Measure 8 in California will finally wake the Gay Community up to the fact that the Democrats just plain don't like them. The Liberty Movement has plenty of room for them and following the Democratic party has once again left them out in the cold.

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