Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Open Letter to House Republicans

Are you feeling a bit lonely, sad. Does it feel like no one around understands you? When you walk those long dim hallways with nothing to do, does it feel like you don't have any friends anymore? Do your days not fill up with legislative work like they used to? Are lobbyists not knocking down your door as they once did?

It may seem like the whole world has passed you by. Just remember the sagely advice that has long carried people in your position.

Quit your whining, you brought this on yourselves. And furthermore you brought it on the rest of us. Count yourselves lucky you still get a paycheck. Get to work thinking of ways you can apologize for the shameful behavior that got you into this mess and start reading the founding principles of your party.

You increased the size and scope of non-military government spending more than any Democrat led government in your lifetimes.

You voted to encroach on the civil liberties of your constituents over and over again.

You caved to environmental extremists when you knew the science didn't support them.

You allowed the whims of those environmental extremists to increase already bloated corn subsidies while driving UP the cost of corn and therefor almost all food products.

You waged a wildly unpopular war without international support, and even if it was the right choice... You lied to us to get into it.

You voted for almost a trillion dollars in bailouts to rich bankers who as expected didn't loosen credit markets with it at all. You knew it wouldn't work and you knew the citizens were against it.

But you did spend the better part of the last 8 years worrying about whether Jill and Sarah might want to do insidious creepy things, like visit each other in the hospital, and leave things to each other should they die unexpectedly.

You did spend the better part of the last 8 years worrying about steroids in baseball, and Terry Schiavo, and where we can and can't display symbols of our religions.

Don't even think about blaming anyone but yourselves. We gave you all the tools to do good things and you pissed them away. You did this, you made this bed, you put yourself in this position and you should be thankful for every day you have left in office.

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