Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm not ready to elaborate on the events both in my life and in the media of the last few days. I have experienced what I can only describe as outright bigotry from friends and co-workers of mine on the left. It's odd that while I agree on some issues with these people, when they express hatred for someone all I can feel is a sickness at the idea that countrymen, friends, colleagues of mine can be both admirable people for most purposes and so filled with hate for reasons of simply religious acclimation. Let me just give you the Palin Gibson interview with the edits replaced and I'll write more about people I know when the blood stops boiling and my view of people is less in the toilet.

Palin Gibsen

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Ombibulous said...

If you are reading this post and wondering if you are one of the people that pissed me off, relax I assure you it isn't you.