Sunday, September 07, 2008

The UN Finds New Way to Stay Off My Christmas Card List

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or the Dirty Pieces of Steaming Shit as their known around my house), decided it wasn't enough for them to call for an end to the transportation industry as we know it, they are now calling for an end to eating meat. Nevermind the fact that their last time they opened their filthy mouths they caused panic all over the world driving up prices on valuable commodities slowing the world economy, for a theory based on some of the worst math ever used by anyone for anything. Nevermind the fact that it was quickly shown that they were more than willing to mislead the public by inflating the number of scientists that actually agreed with their bullshit theory. Now these limp dicked hippies want to take away my dinner. That makes me angry, and it makes my grill angry, and you wouldn't like my grill when it's angry.

Their theory led to a worldwide shift in fuel research, shifting much of the worlds agricultural commitment away from the feeding of people and towards the production of fuel products. Products that have been shown to actually increase dangerous pollution I might add. They drove the price of the global food supply up 75% with no positive results and absolutely catastrophic effects on third world food supplies. Is it any wonder that they have decided to push further into the food market by attempting to drive the cattle and pork industries into the ground.

We stopped producing grains for food causing thousands of poor people to starve, now we want to decrease demand for meat products and thus increase demand for vegetables, which are already nearing impossible price levels already. Wow brilliant. This sounds like a recipe' for a global food crisis. We all know that food crises are the quickest and most effective way to destabilize governments. And if the world's governments which are already having plenty of trouble holding things together start to fall apart, I wonder who will step in to help. I wonder which large governing body will step in to fill the gap... Hmmmm which large governing body would be willing to do that. Oh could it be the very same governing body that issues psuedo-scientific reports recklessly working to destroy the world's food markets?

The Article in this weeks Guardian

I'll eat one less steak a week if every week one member of the IPCC puts a 12ga shotgun in his/her mouth and pulls the trigger. I figure that's the best way to help the environment.

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