Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I HOPE They Don't Arrest You for Your Music

Just a paragraph from Associate AG nominee Tom Perrelli's bio on the website for his firm.

"Mr. Perrelli regularly represents the recording industry in cutting-edge intellectual property, technology, and anti-piracy litigation. He has represented the recording industry in a host of cases arising under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as well as in copyright infringement and digital piracy litigation. He has also represented the record industry and recording artists in a series of copyright royalty proceedings before the Copyright Royalty Board. Since his return to Jenner & Block in 2001, Mr. Perrelli has also represented Democratic voters and elected officials in redistricting litigation arising out of the 2000 Census."

So if I have this straight, the debate on intellectual property rights just ended and you had better stop making copies of the music you own and putting those copies on things like music players. I wonder if this is what HOPE means? Hope for the RIAA just like last week's Hope for Monsanto. Is it too early to say I told you so?

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