Wednesday, January 07, 2009

John Mayer

The Guardian has an article in which 'musician' John Mayer is quoted saying some nonsense about the video game Guitar Hero sullying the image of people who are "talented" and can actually play a real guitar. This once again substantiates a point I have made many times before: John Mayer is a giant tool and needs to be fed to hogs. This idiot started his pop career with a song mocking people who went to college instead of becoming rockers and now he is mocking people that play Guitar Hero, many of whom listened to his advice and skipped college. It is my sincerest hope that Jennifer Aniston comes to her senses and stabs the little bastard.


Omigosh said...

Huh? Did you ever listen to his song? It wasn't mocking people who went to college. And he does have a point--if something comes too easy to a kid, it can make them reluctant to do things that require real effort. Think of those kids who might have been led to playing guitar but instead get enough satisfaction from pretending with Guitar Hero. Jeez... Remember, Guitar Hero is just a game

Mel said...

Yeah--those poor victimized, helpless little kids playing Guitar Hero. Mommy & daddy shelled out nearly a grand for the game system that kid plays on all day. Poor, underprivileged kids.

Just imagine if John Mayer had that game when he was a kid. We would be spared the agony of hearing his music AND his half-wit opinions.

And so many of those kids who played Super Mario Bros and Zelda for hours and hours and hours, they grew up to be.... physicists, engineers, writers, etc etc. All those video games really rotted *their* brains.

The Nintendo-addicted kids who didn't become doctors or lawyers were also giant failures, seeing that hundreds of them developers & programmers. I'm sure the millionaires who created WoW are ashamed of themselves for keeping even one deluded idiot off the open-mic stage in Sheboygan.

Just think about all the kids who have stuffed animals instead of real pets. They'll never become veterinarians or zookeepers if they're inundated with so much fakery! And what about kids who play with Lincoln Logs & Legos? How will they ever learn to be real architects and engineers? And my god, kids with finger paints! Who will give them brushes so they can all be little Picassos and Van Goghs? Who???

Guitar Hero is replacing karaoke, not actual musicians, and I think we're ALL better off for it.