Thursday, January 08, 2009

That's What I Call A Stimulus Package

Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine) and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild) have written a letter to congress asking them for $5B dollars to help with financial troubles. They cite the rise of free pornography on the internet among the contributions to their fiscal woes.

"The government is handing out money," Francis tells E! News. "They're moving toward a nationalized economy, and Larry and I felt we might as well be a part of it."

The porn industry is a leader both in technology and social trends. I wonder what the economic effects would be of a failed porn industry... I, for one, am not particularly worried about it. I know that even if Larry and Joe lose their porn empires there will still be a significant supply of smut for exactly the reasons they have mentioned. People are already providing low cost or no cost pornography to the community via the internet. I surmise that the most interesting part of this will be the reactions from the same people who lobbied for the other bailouts. We can all clearly see that there will never be a shortage of affordable porn because the market provides it. But it stands to reason that the market provides these things precisely because there is nor reasonable expectation that they will receive government aid. It's a perfect example of the kind of tough love that is necessary across the board to help allow this economy to self adjust and return to sensible levels so that growth may continue naturally.

The idea that redistributing wealth to the largest and wealthiest corporations in the country simply because they would like to continue to thumb their noses at the market is categorically preposterous. The fact that most of us can agree on that only when the product is, to some, morally objectionable is, well i suppose it's just how the United States Congress works.

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