Thursday, January 08, 2009

Well of Course

Now it makes sense why CNN and the NYT have been harping on the Israelis all this week. At first it seemed odd that the left wing news sources would come across as so decidedly anti-semetic, but then again no it didn't. Usually the news sources tend to attempt to be at least fair when accosting a country that voluntarily vacated Gaza and tolerated the non-stop shelling of their civilians for three years before undertaking a military response. Although it is just like the left to think that if you have tolerated the shelling of your civilians for three years there's no reason to think that continued diplomatic action is not the only acceptable response. See this has me all scattered. My point is that it all makes sense when you realize that they are prepping the populous for this. Of course the Obama camp is prepared to negotiate with terrorists. Why wouldn't they be. And why would we expect anything from the NYT and CNN but a full-throated effort to fluff the population for that kind of penetration.

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