Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Latest News

Up to the Officer's discretion... whether or not to risk other people's lives? Not sure that's a "policy" I'll accept.

Putin says we're parasites. True but we're also the host.

And a Slow Clap for Congress.

Manufacturing jobs take a hit which can't be related to this... Can it?

Some Good News I don't know why she chose this vote but it's nice to see her up and around.

DB Cooper Update My Mother was on a plane out of Seattle that night and in those days there were no texts to tell people you were safe. The event had an effect and may have played into me sharing the initials of the infamous fugitive.

WinXP is below 50% market share which isn't news at all really. What's fascinating is the graph, I thought for sure OS X was over 5%.

Chip Kelley says he's not losing sleep over Willie Lyles ordeal. Remember it took the NCAA 5 years to nail USC and where was Pete Carroll when they did? Not at USC.

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