Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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If you're not doing anything wrong then you shouldn't mind if we take a look. Right?

You say the space program is dead? I say it got out of the way of the private sector.

For every time I hear some whiny asshole tell me that rich conservative or libertarian businessman is a scumbag because he's wealthy I have George Soros to comfort me. For all their possible failings most businessmen make something that people want. Soros has never made an honest dollar in his life, he sucks up money by betting that countries will fail and he has for years had the means to help them along in the process. He's an enormous piece of shit and if you're on his payroll, so are you.

Warning KOS Link. I don't usually link to the partisan hack Markos Moulitsas because, well because he's a partisan hack. But I'm interested in people's responses to this article on his site by Mark Sumner. Not sure I agree completely but it's not the desperate left wing chant that the minority party has caused all our woes. It's an interesting and legitimate possibility. We should remind ourselves that everyone has a personal motive.

This is the kind of shitty reporting that is why I don't usually link to KOS. Maybe the guy beats his wife, maybe not but the editorial authority of this article doesn't imply the need to prove it before calling him a wife beater. It's the oldest scumbag move around "Mr. Senator, do you still beat your wife?". Christ Kaili do some research, get us there before you shout cliche' accusations. #terriblereporting

I'm no expert but didn't we choose this guy to stop this shit?

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