Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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Former NFL defensive end and Super Bowl V winner Bubba Smith has passed away today at the age of 66. You may know him better as Lt. Moses Hightower from the Police Academy movies. RIP Bubba.

Just so you know I think Lesbians have super powers and excellent judgment, and make the best films. I'm just sayin'.

Matt Damon says teachers make a shitty salary, Editor Nick Gillespie's analysis would suggest that Damon is off base. I tend to agree with Gillespie but I think the larger issue is not if teacher salaries are high enough, because teaching is a shitty job, but rather why are we paying so much more for our teachers than they end up getting paid? The quick answer is that administrative costs and union contributions are milking the system dry before any real money makes it to the classroom. The argument I've heard often, that teachers are overpaid, is mostly ridiculous but it's hard not to think so when we pay upwards of $15,000 a year per student but only 10% of that ends up making it to the teacher. We'd all be better off hiring a private teacher to handle 6 students at a time and take home $90k, nobody would need a union rep or an army of lobbyists with that salary.

Budget cuts you say? I say nay nay. And so do a lot of other people including Chris Edwards at the Cato Institute.

Very interesting behind the scenes of a movement piece by choreographer Trisha Brown and performer Elizabeth Streb

Spider man, Spider Man, does whatever a spider can. Is he gay? Maybe so. We know he's biracial though. Lookout! There goes the spider man... The new Spider Man is a half Black half Latino teenager who might be gay? Bravo Marvel, Bravo. When you pick a demographic you don't fuck around, you get right damned specific. A lot of people would call that pandering, but not me Marvel. I say thee Bravo. I think I can speak for all of the possibly gay, half Black, half Latino teenagers with super powers that could only have come from an irradiated spider, (like how is that gonna happen twice), when I say thank you, thank you, thank you, now *I* (them, not me, I'm painfully white) have. A. Voice.

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