Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Worst Presser Ever

"the markets on the other hand continued to believe out credit status is triple A"

"In fact Warren Buffet who knows a thing or two about good investments said, if there were a quadruple A rating I'd give the United States that."


There is literally no useful information in this press conference. I really can't figure out how a writer wrote this script and thought even Obama could sell it.

I honestly think that the prompters have arrows to tell him when he might choose to change directions with his head.

How does not extending unemployment benefits kill jobs? It's bad but, how does it kill jobs. I want to figure out the mechanics of that statement.

"some of the most productive workers"...
We're the best at everything but our workforce? I think this is a weak jab at non-union workers. But I can't be sure because it's an awfully soft statement.

He hasn't made eye contact once. Does he know there's a camera?

Ugh it's so sad, this performance almost makes me want to root for him, I'm embarrassed for him. It's like he's walking home in the morning in last night's torn formal dress after he let the whole fraternity have their way with him. You want to judge him but you also want to get him some help.

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